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Background Check Form for Shelby Mission Camp

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Background checks on all adults who will be chaperoning, teaching Bible studies or accompanying youth from your church to the Shelby Mission Camp are a necessary part of protecting the youth of your church. North Carolina Baptist Men and the Baptist State Convention feels that you, as a church, need to know that you are doing everything you can to protect your youth and the assets of your church. It is our hope that you have already put in place a policy that requires background checks for anyone working with children from cradle roll up to those who have reached age 18.

North Carolina Baptist Men must have a form from your church on adults (this includes youth on the trip who have already turned 18 before the mission dates) accompanying the youth who are attending the Shelby Mission Camp projects. We have formatted a sheet on which you can list people who have had background checks and are cleared to work or chaperone. It will be the responsibility of your church to get the background checks completed on all adults going with your group at least one week prior to departure. Any adult from your church working or chaperoning youth who comes to the Shelby Mission Camp and whose names are missing from this sheet will not be allowed to stay on the grounds at Shelby. This must be done for the protection of all youth, your church, NCBM and BSCNC.

Your church can choose any background company that you like. NCBM and BSCNC realizes that if you have not done background checks in the past, you may need to get in touch with a reputable company. Here at NCBM and BSCNC, we have used First Point Resources, out of Greensboro, NC.

Scott Hall, the manager of First Point Resources, is a Baptist and he, himself, attended Caswell as a youth. Scott has told BSCNC that he will give churches a special rate of $10 per person for a criminal background check and a sexual misconduct check. That is a real bargain!! For those who routinely drive youth to events, you may want to include a driving record also – that would be an additional expense. If you want to use First Point, you have to call Scott Hall directly at 800-288-7408 Ext 3037 or you can send him an email at shall@firstpointresources.com to set up an account for your church. Please identify yourself as a church that got the letter from NCBM and BSCNC regarding adults participating in the Shelby Mission Camp projects.

For your convenience, attached is a First Point form (use this form only for First Point Resources) which every candidate would have to complete VERY LEGIBLY. If it is not highly readable when faxed to First Point, your staff will be called to clarify information or you will have to ask the adult to resubmit the form to you. You will need to maintain a file with copies of all forms and a copy of the report on each person cleared in the background check. This will be valuable information in a court of law should your church ever be sued for the actions of any adult working with youth.

Thank you for your cooperation. Again, I remind you that you can choose any company you wish to do the background checks; but the names of all adults accompanying your youth group must appear on the form to be presented at Registration when your group arrives at the Shelby Mission Camp.

List of Adults Having Passed Professional Background Check

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