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To help make it easier on each of you, we are now making many of our forms available for you to fill out and submit online.

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Background Check Form for Shelby Mission Camp

Background checks are required on all adults who will be chaperoning, teaching Bible studies or accompanying youth from your church to the Shelby Mission Camp. Once background checks have been performed, please use this form to identify all individuals which have been cleared by a professional company.

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Shelby Mission Camp

June 26, 2019 - June 30, 2018

Mission trip to Shelby, NC.

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As a local association of churches, our missional vision is to equip the churches with the tools and the training neccesary to effective present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every person in their community and their world with the ultimate goal of making disciples of all the nations.

Upcoming Events

Low Country Women's Ministries Breakfast Brunch

Low Country Women's Ministries Breakfast Brunch

February 2, 2019
8:00 AM

Low Country Women's Ministries is a group of women of faith from all denominations and various churches across Wayne County that come together for fellowship, worship and to advance the cause of Christ. The ministry has been successful in bringing a diverse group of women together with great speakers from across the state for the Annual Low Country Women's Conference. During this conference the Women's Ministry enjoys fellowship, door prizes and a delicious meal served by great men from various churches.

This year, our speaker will be Faye Sharber. She is a retired Army Colonel's wife and has shared many years of her life with her late husband, Pastor Pete Sharber. When their military tour ended in Hinesville at Ft. Stewart Army Base, they were led to pastor Anderson Drive Baptist Church in Jesup for several years. Faye will share her years of being an Army and Pastor's wife, the loneliness and fears that she had. She and her husband have two daughters and several grandchildren.

Faye's passion is to encourage women to develop a Life Walk with Jesus, that stays fresh and finishes strong. Faye's messages are shaped from her unique life experiences based solidly on the Word of God. She relates to people in a down to earth way, sharing successes, failure and lessons learned. She shares biblical principles from God's work with conviction, humor, heart-warming stories and authentic daily applications.

Faye was in the movie Fireproof as Nurse Anna. She has some stories from this movie!

The Low Country Women's Ministries Conference event is planned for February 2, 2019 at Unity Church of God, Jesup, GA. The Low Country Women's Ministries extends an invitation to all women to attend the event.

Tickets are $10.00 in advance and $15.00 at the door on the of the event. Tickets can be purchased from First Baptist Church, Jesup.

If any questions, please call Marolyn Cowart at 912-294-3798, Cathy Snow Miller at 912-424-3268 or Della Nipper at 912-294-2265.

Proven Leadership

There are times in the life of a church's ministry when we need a litle additional help.  Recently our dear pastor of 38 years passed away unexpectedly.  The Altamaha-New Sunbury Baptist Association was quick to respond when we contacted them.  They helped our church find an interim pastor as well as helped us establish a Pastor Search Committee with all the tools we need to quickly find our next pastor.  We never missed a step thanks to their leadership.

Bob Smith
First Baptist Church
Jessup, GA


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